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Asecure Locksmith Ellicott City MD

Welcome to Asecure Locksmith Ellicott City MD; your friendly local locksmith. Like most of our customers it must be your first time when you are in need of professional locksmith assistance. Whether you find yourself outside your residence, car, business, or you are looking to secure and upgrade your locks, we are here for you! If you find yourself locked outside all you have to do is give us a call at 443-753-5572 and a mobile professional locksmith technician will be on his way to you. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed of losing your keys or locking yourself outside, similar situations occur to all of us. Trust Asecure Locksmith Ellicott City MD for a quick professional and fair mobile service to help you get back to your busy schedule as fast as we can.   

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Asecure Residential Locksmith Ellicott City MD

Need the best residential locksmith in Ellicott City MD? Look no further than Asecure locksmith. Here at Asecure locksmith, we combine security, convenience, and affordable prices to give you quality services only the best residential locksmith Ellicott City MD can offer. In addition, we offer our clients a very fast response time which ensures the prompt installation services including emergency lockout services.

We have a range of quality products from the best brands such as Medeco, Schlage, Corbin Russwin, which are perfect for your home security and other important places. Fully trained, our team of professional locksmiths offers reliable, dependable and trustworthy locksmith services in Ellicott City, MD. We are committed to your safety.

Our Locksmith Services

 locksmith ellicott city md

Lock Replacement and Rekeying Services

Our Lock replacement and rekeying services are also guaranteed to offer the safety you need. We can fully replace your lock for your maximum security and comfort. However, instead of completely replacing your locks, you can opt for rekeying. Rekeying simply means changing the pins in the lock and is just as effective as lock replacement and cheaper. After rekeying, all the old keys are rendered useless.

You can replace or rekey if you just purchased a new business or home. Also, you can replace or rekey if you have given your keys to vendors, workers etc., who no longer need to access your property. You can also replace or rekey if you've misplaced your key and do not feel comfortable.

Lock replacement and Lock rekeying services require professional with skills and experience. Getting an experienced and skilled residential locksmith Ellicott City MD can be frustrating. You can't take risks with your safety. However, at Asecure locksmith, we are always available to provide outstanding services you'd be proud of.

Lock Installation Services

Asecure locksmith services, your local residential locksmith Ellicott City MD also offers lock installation services. We are professionals in the installation of any locks, standard or electronic. As licensed residential locksmith Ellicott City MD, we are capable of performing lock installation services in the city. Whether you are a new home or office owner or you want to upgrade to a more reliable lock, Asecure residential locksmith Ellicott MD will provide an exceptional service at cost-effective prices. You may purchase your own lock and call us for a professional installation or you can always purchase the locks we carry on spot.

Emergency Home Lockout Services

It's an unpleasant event to get locked out of one's home, and it can happen to anybody. It's especially frustrating if you need to get something quick from inside your home. It can be annoying looking forward to the warmness of your bed on a cold winter night when you realize you've been locked out. You might have left your keys inside or unknowingly thrown it out with your garbage. Not to worry.

We provide emergency home lock out services 24/7 in Ellicott City MD. We understand that in such situations, time is of essence. Being a reliable, professional and trustworthy residential locksmith in Ellicott City MD, we will be there within the hour to assist you.

Broken House Key Extraction

Your keys might get stuck or break off in your lock. This might be due to varying factors. Whatever the reason, our locksmith technicians have the knowledge of a wide range of lock systems. We also have the latest tools and technology to ensure an easy extraction without damaging your lock. We can also create new keys for your use at very pocket-friendly rates.

Storm Door Locks and handles

Storm doors and locks are very essential to brace up for storms and other extreme weather condition. Asecure residential locksmith Ellicott City MD provides you with an efficient storm door lock services including installation, repairs, and replacement of storm door locks and handles. Regardless of the type of storm door lock and handle you have, our locksmith technicians will perform an efficient service!

Fast-response Residential Locksmith

Security issues are very important and must be treated with the utmost urgency. Asecure locksmith understands how important security is to you and your family. You shouldn't have to wait for long hours to protect your family and valuables. For these reasons, our team is always on standby to respond to your emergency calls. We make it a duty to perform whatever locksmith services you want with urgency and quality. As your residential locksmith Ellicott City MD, we are able to arrive anywhere in Ellicott City immediately after you contact us.

There's an assurance and a peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your home and property are secured at all time. However, that only happens when the best products are installed, repaired or replaced by an experienced locksmith. Contact the best, reliable, affordable and trustworthy residential locksmith Ellicott City MD now at 443-753-5572.


Automotive Locksmith Ellicott City MD

Best Candidates to replace lost Car Keys

Auto locksmith Ellicott City MD

You are just about to finish a long day at work. All you really want is to go home, have dinner, watch your favorite show, and climb into your comfy bed. However, that doesn't happen, as soon as you get to your car, you realize your keys are missing. You frantically run back to your office and try to search for your keys; yet, your efforts are in vain. You are practically helpless at the moment, and you're wondering who should you call to help you out; a friend, a tow company, a cab, a dealership to get a replacement for the keys, or a locksmith to make a new one? The first three options are more of a temporary solution leaving you with two possible options, a dealership or a locksmith company?

Throughout the next few paragraphs, we will help you compare all the important criteria in order to determine the best choice for replacing your car keys.


The first and usually most considered factor for a car key replacement is price. Car dealerships like to charge a fortune for pretty much all they can do. The cost of service at a dealership is much higher than anywhere else. It doesn't matter whether you're shipping spare parts internationally, or asking the folks at your local car dealership to do a test drive of your car; it will cost you quite a bit. However, getting a replacement key made by an automotive locksmith professional in Ellicott City MD is much cheaper than contacting a car dealership. Sure, they are various prices for different models and makes, but in comparison to the dealership, locksmiths are a huge bargain. Therefore, if you want to save some money, locksmiths are the way to go.


This factor is very easy to determine as no car dealership will ever drive out to your house, office, or wherever you lost your keys to provide a replacement. They're going to ask you to come to them which will end up costing you cab fares as well as several hours of your time. This may be acceptable for some people, however sometimes you will need to consider making an appointment, and that could take days, even weeks. On the other hand, our automotive locksmith professionals in Ellicott City MD are ready to drive out to you as fast as required. You can also give us a call at 410-630-6930 and request an appointment at your convenience.


Do not be misled by the misconceptions of those who think of locksmiths as old folks carrying a tool bag with nothing but a wrench and a couple of screwdrivers. The truth is the exact opposite. All of our vans at Asecure locksmith Ellicott City MD carry the best equipment for all your necessities; making it possible for us to make a replacement key for almost any make and model as well as replace or repair ignitions on spot. So, if you're leaning towards car dealerships just because automotive locksmiths in Ellicott City MD won't have the equipment your car needs, don't worry; Asecure locksmith have you covered.

Emergency Services

What happens when you find yourself in need of a car key replacement after hours? There is no emergency line when calling the dealership, which means you, will have to wait for the morning to deal with the replacement. This is where your friendly, local, automotive mobile locksmith in Ellicott City MD comes into the frame. We at Asecure locksmith Ellicott City MD provide a full locksmith service 24/7 in order to be there for you at any time. Our locksmith experts are available around the clock for your convenience. Don't worry about whether you're about to get late from work or you're locked out in the middle of the night. Just give us a call at 410-630-6930 and we will be there in less than an hour or as fast as possible.


This is one of the most important things that you need to consider before you make the final decision between dealerships and locksmiths. Can you find reviews about dealerships from clients that have gotten their keys replaced? The answer is no. You might find reviews about how they helped someone find the perfect car, but you're not going to find any reviews related to how they replaced a key for a client. Therefore, you have no reference or proof of reliability and you could very well find yourself stranded, waiting for hours before help arrives. On the other hand, Asecure locksmith Ellicott City MD is proud to display its reviews using many platforms such as: Google, Shopper Approved and Yelp in order to create a convenient way for our customers to express themselves about the service they receive.

The Final Verdict

Car dealerships are a decent choice; however locksmiths are so much better in comparison. Considering all the factors discussed in the article (price, convenience, equipment, availability and reviews) you'll be better off if you call a locksmith in pretty much every way! If you're ever in need of an automotive locksmith in Ellicott City MD, give us friendly people at A Secure Locksmith a call 410-630-6930.


Trusted Commercial Locksmith Ellicott City MD

Commercial loksmith Ellicott City

Every workplace should certainly be secured at all times. That is why we operate 24/7, and give you with among the most safe industrial locksmith professional choices. At Asecure commercial locksmith Ellicott City MD. We manage a wonderful team of seasoned specialists that have actually invested years of training and hands-on encounters in the area. We are one of one of the most reputable company locksmith expert business in the Ellicott City MD area. Whether you require a simple safety video camera setup or a gain access to control device, we'll be there to assist you!

Theft is an extremely significant worry. It could possibly take place just as very easy from inside a workplace as it could possibly from outside. That's why we provide you cutting edge innovation, which has actually been particularly made to last. Whether you need to keep a careful eye outside a department store or a close eye on your workers, our security options are one of the most reliable. You can reach us any time, due to the fact that we function around the clock. We are readily available to deal with any emergency situation scenarios. Our clients rely upon us to keep them protected. It's our responsibility to guarantee their safety and security in any way. You're constantly in exceptional hands with Asecure Locksmith Ellicott City MD.