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we provide a wide range of services related to Automotive locks,including emergency lockout services, repairing damaged locks and making transponder keys . If you need a car key made do not hesitate to call the professionals at Asecure Car Locksmith Columbia MD, we are local, certified and most important we will come to you, make you a brand new key and test it on site . car locksmith columbia md At Asecure Car Locksmith Columbia MD it is very important for us to keep our clients informed and knowledgeable. One of the most popular questions that we usually get asked is what are transponder keys ? And what makes them so popular among newer car models ? Transponder keys are ignition keys with a micro chip build inside the plastic head that sends a signal to the cars computer. If the code is incorrect the engine will not start. Many people who have transponder chips are not even aware of the fact that they have them because the chip is hidden inside the plastic head of the key. Most of the cars now-days use a transponder key, something that reduces the chance of theft!columbia Furthermore the technology of transponder keys is such that each key is designed and programmed specifically to only start one particular vehicle. This can obviously reduce the possibility of unwanted breaches in security, break ins and theft. Each transponder key has its own microchip inside of it containing a specific serial number which allows the technology to function effectively . At Asecure Car Locksmith Columbia we put special emphasis on our programming software that makes sure our clients would get the best results possible. Its is important to know that a transponder key blank if cut correctly, can crank a car , but if it has not been programmed the car will not recognize the serial number that is being transmitted within its set of confirmed and correct numbers- therefor the car will not start! Asecure Car Locksmith Columbia is at your service 24/7. Whether you would like to make an appointment or you need us right a way. Asecure Car Locksmith Columbia MD is your local , cost effective , reliable locksmith . Remember that Asecure Car Locksmith Columbia MD also provides various locksmith services such as: Residential locksmith services Commercial locksmith services 24 hour Emergency locksmith services. You are most welcome to call our friendly representative 24/7 and ask for the type of service you require.